You should receive an email within 5-7 days after sending in your application. PLEASE notify us if you do not receive an email @ 530-347-9789 (Debbie)


If you have a child that is not campers age (8-18) add them to your workers application in the spot I've made for that


Camp starts on Monday June 10TH and you need to arrive between 2pm – 3pm. The check in station will only be open at that time. If you know you are going to be later please let Debbie Cutright know by Saturday June 8th. There is no cell phone service at the camp grounds. Debbie’s cell # is 530-646-6525.

Pick up time for your child on Friday June 14th is at 10am. Please DO NOT be late because if you are late then someone needs to stay with your child until you show up. And that someone (camp directors) live 5 ½ hours away and would like to go as early as possible. Thanks!

Everything at camp is paid for except for the snack bar in the afternoons during recreation time. Also there is a Camp Store that Camp Silver Spur opens 3 days during camp that has t-shirts, cups, hats, stuffed animals, etc…

If you are a parent please go over camp rules prior to coming to camp. Please let your teenagers know that there will be no PDA (Public Displays of Affection) including hand holding. All clothing must be appropriate with NO short shorts or shirts that show off the midriff and leggings/yoga for pants. It would be much easier on staff if we didn’t have to get on to the campers constantly for these rules being broken.

I would like to remind parents to PLEASE not send large amounts of money or valuables with your children to camp. As much as we try to control things we cannot always be everywhere at once.