Camp Silver Spur 2019 

Sponsored by Beacon Missionary Baptist Church 

Please contact Neil and Debbie Cutright if you have any questions. Can't wait to see you there!

Camp Verse -  Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens - Lam 3:41

We provide Camp at NO COST....FREE to all those who attend whether camper or worker. We do this through the help of our Sister Churches, Fund Raisers and Donations. Please help us in this endeavor by helping your church or donating through our ebay acct or sending directly to the Beacon MBC church! Every bit helps.

This year's theme is 

"LEVEL UP". While the 

object of every video game is to level up and win, we should level up to the place, purpose, power, praise, and prize of the high calling of God- Philippians 3:14

Last years theme was "Jesus knows me Inside Out" We had such a great time learning about our different emotions and how we can have Joy in our lives every day through Jesus Christ our Savior. Between the Campers, Workers, Preachers and Teachers we enjoy our time at Camp Silver Spur.  

This will be our 11th year as Camp Directors and we LOVE our job! We do everything we can to make camp an enjoyable experience. We thank the Beacon Missionary Baptist Church for allowing us to still be the directors for this long! If you ever have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 


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To fill out an application to come to camp just click on "forms" above and if you are ages 8-18 please fill out the "Camper Application" and if you are ages 19 and above or bringing a child under the age of 8 please fill out the "Worker Application"

Invest to change a life!

Camp Silver Spur is a ministry sponsored by Beacon MBC and supported by participating Missionary Baptist Churches. It is a camp that is cost free to those who attend. The results of the camp have been an average of 20 souls saved from hell per year. The further results have been the changed and renewed lives of those who came to camp already saved. Though the cost for campers is free, the actual cost to the churches and individuals who are paying for the camp is $237.60 per person. With camp running about 220 persons you can do the math. We believe this Donate button is an opportunity for you to have a part in bringing someone into God’s family. This button allows for Paypal or credit card donations. Any amount will be a help, $5, 10, 25, 100, let your heart be your guide.